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Wed, 9 Dec 1998 14:36:10 +0100 (MET)

Replying to LO20077 --

Dear LO'ers, dear AT,

I like to congratulate you with your primer on 'entropy'. You made a
seemingly complicated concept very clear and understandable. I have
included in the former sentence the word 'seemingly' as a compliment to
you. I realise the effort and painstaking work for finding the right words
must have taken an enourmous amount of energy. On the other hand this work
is an inspiring job which could give a whealth of satisfaction and joy. If
you open your ears, you will hear the big aplause from this seat of the
virtual world-wide classroom and theatre of this Learning Organization.
Explaining a concept like 'entropy, a concept that is utmost abstract,
which can't be taken in hands, which can't be measured directly in such a
clear way for a general audience, is a gift which is only reserved for the
great in this world.

Your teaching is facinating. And the best compliment for a good teacher
is, that his lecture is the spring-off of new questions. Numerous
questions came into my mind. I am thinking of putting my questions in such
a manner, that the possible answers will help me further. I know that you
like to stimulate the thinking of the questioner by avoiding the straight
foreward answers. This way of creative answering is an other compliment to

My most important question is probably the following.

In earlier contributions you have mentioned the following situation: with
increasing entropy production, a point will be reached which is at the
edge of chaos. At that point a bifurcation will occur, which lead either
to an immergency, or to an emergency. Could you lift a tip of this
mysterious veil to give us some insight to a even more complicated world?
I realise that our medium of e-mail is difficult. I suspect that you like
to explain this question with drawings and graphs. But you are also such
an artist with words that you may be able to sketcj us a 'picture' without
lines, shades and colours.

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