RFQ: Facilitation Training LO20204

Andrew Wong Hee Sing (andreww@gateway2.petronas.com.my)
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 08:29:04 +0800

Replying to LO20193 --

Greeting to you from Sarawak, Malaysia

I note your post with interest.
I hope to introduce to you another facility that could be
of use to you, in relation to your request.

This is on line training, more like coaching on various
ideas, knowledge, insights, theories that lead to action,
skills and hopefully personal mastery.

The facility is Outsights : Internel Knowledge database

There are several examples in my personal homepage.
You may find that there are many aspects to be
trained as skillful facilitators ie.
personal motivation, goals in life, leadership,
understanding of reality, mental model invovled
etc. etc.

You are most welcome to write to me for further queries.


Andrew Wong
Organisation Observer and Thinker
Personal Coach & Organisation Coach
An associate of Outsights

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