Talking Stick and Spirituality LO20279
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 11:59:20 EST

Replying to LO20268 --

Well, personally I find it repugnant that anyone would steal the concepts,
artifacts, philosophies, thoughts, words, or actions of another person and
adapt them for personal use. I believe that we are each obligated to
personally invent each and every important concept and social innovation
on our own without the use of history and/or resorting to thievery.

Shame on those of you who indiscriminately use Roman law and Greek
philosophy and Hanseatic economics and Arabic numerals. A pox on those of
you who borrowed, and did not personally invent, scientific methodology.
Fie on you who cannot even invent your own language but insist on
borrowing the words that long dead Romans and Saxons used.

Those who don't borrow live in a world that does not change; not a bad
concept in a perfect world, but not particularly useful in this one. If
we see far by standing on the backs of giants, perhaps we could see even
further if we borrowed their ladders.

Lon Badgett

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