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Sun, 10 Jan 1999 16:21:29 +0100

David E. Birren writes in LO20326:

>...snip... I've found that when the ego gets out of the
>way the rest of the mind can do amazing things with its storehouse of
>information. If this is of interest, I can share my own process for
>letting go of conscious control and opening up to intuitive knowing.

Dave, and fellow LO'ers;

Together with an IT-consultant I am working on an article about how to
integrate intuition and feelings in Knowledge Management. So I am really
interested in the kind of process you describe.
Please share your insights with us. At the same time I want to encourage
others to come forward too with their experiences here. On my website I
have a page describing an exercise that helps to develop the awareness of
abstract dynamics (which only can be crasped with the 'right brain'). From
the main page <> you click on the 'Learning Key's' link.
Scroll down until you see a small animated GIF and the words "Giving and
Receiving". Then you find a description of how to do the exercise.

If anyone gives the exercise a try: I welcome comments, experiences and

Thanks for bringing the subject up.

Winfried Deijmann


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