KM ASNI/ISO Standards Meeting LO20342

J.C. Lelie (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 19:01:03 -0800

Replying to LO20335 --

Hi Scott,

You've probably noted that i'm Certified in Production and Inventory
Management by the American Production and Inventory Control Society. I'll
be able to show some Dutch certificates as well, however ... i think you
know about Dutch parties, Dutch treats and so on.

However i'm willing to certify you as being a certified paranoid by
CATCH42..., the Conventional Association To Control Humans For Too ... .
In this case i would charge $100 (for which you will receive, off course,
a yellow towel), which is 2 much. This is cheap, when you consider it
would normally imply flighing a bomber over a war zone (2 dangerous

> Generally, I'm pretty easy going and not terribly paranoid. But then
> again, maybe they are out to get me.

On the other hand, consider this: companies are competing for the money
of investors (share holder value can be best increased through higher
share prices). A company gaining an ISO-certificate (a.k.a. as ISOlated)
obviously has money to spare: it is spending its (potential) dividend on
non value added activities. The greater the level of spending on these
certificates, the more an investor can gain on investing in these
companies and put a stop to:
a. these kind of money spending and
b. lowering standard (aka cutting costs) while keeping prices high.
thus having a nice dividend.

So i.m.h.o. these certificates are like a peacocks feather: luring dull
and uninteresting looking partners.

> Me? I'm sticking to publishing books of cartoons for training and public
> speaking. I think I'm safe from the zealots for the moment.

Sure you are, Scott, sure you are. Just send me the money.

Kind regards,


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