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Jens Peder Kolind (kolind@email.com)
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:22:30 +0000

Replying to LO20353 --

I have been reading this list for some time, and finally saw a point at
which I felt I could contribute something constructive. John Gunkler
argues that we should take a system dynamics perspective to the learning
organization because of several reasons

(1) Peter Senge says so
(2) It can provide us with practical tools, structure and complexity
(3) It is the only perspective that will establish the learning
organization as a discipline in itself.

May I suggest Easterby-Smith's seminal paper on the disciplines of
organizational learning as an alternative. He argues that it is futile to
try to integrate organizational learning and attempt to build an all
encompassing model of how organizations learn because the subject draws on
at least six distinct disciplines (Psychology, Management Science and
Systems, Sociology, Strategy, Production management, Cultural
Anthropology). Instead we should appreciate the complexity of the subject
and consider the fact that each discipline will have different

Let us not ignore the fact that this subject is highly complex and thus
cannot be approached from just one angle.

Just a warning from a lowly observer.

Jens Peder Kolind
University of Manchester


Jens Peder Kolind <kolind@email.com>

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