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A new topic is under discussion in "Technology And Transformation", the
NODE Learning Technologies Network's open, ongoing forum. We invite the
participation of your readers, and ask that you will post this to your


The NODE welcomes you to the "Technology and Transformation: teaching and
training online" forum, an open, ongoing discussion for educators,
researchers, administrators, instructional designers to come together and
share their work, ideas, experiences, questions and concerns about the use
of technologies in education and training.

This year's first guest moderator of the Technology and Transformation
forum is Stephen Downes, a distance education and new instructional media
design specialist at Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, Manitoba.
Stephen will discuss his paper The Future of Online Learning with forum
participants. Visit and click on the "JOIN
THE FORUM" link to read his introductory posting and contribute your

Also in the Technology and Transformation forum, we'd like you to let us
know what your priorities are for 1999. Please submit your thoughts and
ideas to the "plans for the coming year" thread and read about what
others' priorities are.

This professional development opportunity is brought to you by the NODE
Learning Technologies Network [ ], a not-for-profit
electronic network facilitating information and resource-sharing,
collaboration and research in the field of learning technologies for
post-secondary education.

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