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At de Lange wrote:

>Winfried, your extensive study on sureness and wholeness brings you
>in in >a stronger position to lump them together as one complex
>essence. But I >think you will agree that it is not a wise thing to do
>because it will make it >far more difficult to describe the
>interaction between them.

and before:
>(The "pair of either sureness or wholeness popping up in history" is
>an interesting theme.)

Dear list-members,

here we are becoming practical! If I could only open your (and still my
own) eyes for the battles between sureness (corporate identity, strategy,
competitive edge, benchmark, scientific management, organisation as a
machine, control, knowledge...) and wholeness (ecology, inclusive system
thinking, flow of sellable goods, organisation as a living entity,
emotion, intuition, sustainable development, one world...) in the
corporate world we are living in. If one side opens its mouth the other
will close their ears.

When will we learn, that both is essential for any organisation? That
there is no either/or or compromise, but two necessary conditions for the
survival of the organisation, regardless the level we consider (family,
corporate, society)?

If any of you want to experience more wholeness in your business
environment, first you need to ensure Top-management, that you are not on
the path to fight sureness.

If this is too abstract, then lets use this forum to make it more

When did you try the last time to present a systemic scenario and found it
difficult to make your client / internal customer listen to you, find your
presentation relevant or even to base important decisions on your

What are your experiences with young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who
want to make the whole world a better place to be by implementing their
ideas and who landed at the edge of chaos because they didn't manage to
set up an appropriate organisation or corresponding identity?

Liebe Gruesse,


I am looking for a few words, can you help me to find them?

1.) Impared wholeness and sureness (if "cognitive dissonance" doesn't
2.) Impared sureness due to wholism
3.) Impared wholeness due to surenessism (or egocentrism (?))


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