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>From Genene Koebelin (new e-mail address)

I see Emancipatory Learning as learning that we are capable of learning,
or understanding that we are capable of understanding. This is why
alternative teaching methods are needed to target various learning styles.
It was Paulo Freire's experience that, after several weeks of group
discussion in an adult literacy program, learning to read was easy.

I am particularly interested in synergistic processes, as in group
reflection discussion. I believe that this synergy, this creation of
solutions previously unthought-of by any individual member of the group,
leads to the tranformation of individual group members. Once this
emancipatory/transformative learning occurs, technical learning is made
easier. This actually reverses the usual process of rote memorization of
technicalities (vocabulary, etc.) prior to application/implementation
(hands-on experience).

Would anyone care to contribute some real-life examples?


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