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Dear Colleague,

John Gunkler writes, "But, as I was taught to reason, something that
derives value from its ability to create something else of value is a
subordinate, not superordinate, value. "

For me, this seems counter to what I believe. We know the adage, "give a
man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him
for a lifetime." The lesson is more valuable than the fish. The
creativity in us that allows us to post messages to this list is more
valuable than any particular post.

I'm pleased that John illustrated concretely how he's operationalizing and
working with the concept of learning as it's so richly discussed here.
I'm pleased that At was called to the library to look for a word that
described concretely what he was thinking...and I'm pleased that he didn't
find it and needed to create a new grammar with which to use it.

It's a natural process we're working through. Trees burn and their ashes,
this dust, nourishes the soil for the next generation.

A toast to the dialogue!



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