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Analysis by design Launches KM Watchdog

February 4, 1999 -- Analysis by design, Inc. announced today the launch
of the KM Watchdog, a free web news service that tracks the latest
happenings in the world of Knowledge Management.

The KM Watchdog was piloted throughout the month of January and
generated a high level of interest. Initially over 150 sources are
being tracked covering product and service offerings in Knowledge
Management, Work Management, Content Management and Document Management.

Analysis by design, Inc. president Nigel Vickers stated, "Our research
team surveyed the services available in the industry that provide
up-to-date, knowledge management news. What we found was encouraging in
one sense  the knowledge management industry is explosive. New
products and services are being released each day. Conversely we were
disappointed that no centralized site was available that captured the
pulse of the KM industry. To fill this void we developed the KM

Future plans for the KM Watchdog include a search and categorization
facility and an anonymous online survey aimed at gathering and sharing
KM business drivers, measurements of success and experiences.

"Our objective is to inform potential buyers and existing users of
developments in the sphere of KM, and to help them understand the
directions of the industry," said Vickers.

Visitors, organizations and vendors are encouraged to provide feedback
to improve the quality of the information available, and express
interest in participating in the survey.

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