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I am writing from Iceland. I have been on this list for about eight months
and introduced myself last June. I have followed the discussions with
interest ever since but with very unrelated work in my daily life until
the new year, haven4t come in on discussions. My own background is
science education and then later I took a distance learning course with
Henley Management College in England.

Now I am looking for a bit of help - on two related areas. I am just
about to start a new job as the director of a (very small) research
institute in education but major structural plans are being made to move
other areas of research activity in the university (Iceland University of
Education) into/under the institute. So I am thinking a lot about short
and long-term strategy for development and will be collecting ideas from
others within and without the organization - I have worked with the
university before on many projects but always from the outside - now I
will work from the inside.

I have a few graduate students under my supervision and one of them is to
do a "Reading and Conference" with me on "research utilization", mainly in
the education area, but it is clear that this is an area of interest to
many fields of activity (and fits nicely into my new job). I see some
connections with knowledge management certainly within educational
organisations but am wondering about knowledge/research moving between
organisations, all apparently with a common interest. I have run across
work being done at MIT and in the UK and a conference with representatives
from Sweden, Canada and the USA.

Any ideas or advice on how to collect/motivate the sharing of
information/knowledge on research would be much appreciated, and this need
not be confined to education.

Thanks for your interesting discussions from someone who is usually in the

Allyson Macdonald


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