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> The question posed is: does the intent versus
> the written word create knowledge indifference (or the tendency toward
> ignorance- an emerging topic here)?

What the Boss is thinking: "Hmmm, this airline magazine article says if I
get them to spend more time doing activity X then I should see an increase
in effect Z. That means we will make more widgets than ever before. Wow
- I better schedule everyone right away."

What the boss says: "Hello, Training Inc., you did such a good job with
our welding safety classes I just wondered if you guys train people in
activity X? You do? Great, let's get together and I'll tell you what I

What the training contractor thinks: "Gee, that boss thinks that if we
throw three hours of activity X theory at his people they can master what
it takes professionals years to learn. Oh, what the hell, he is paying
for what he wants, who am I to give him something else..."

What the training contractor writes: "Dear LO list: I have an
interesting situation you can help me with. Where can I find online
information about activity X..."

What the training contractor sends the boss: "Proposal of Work: Training
Inc. will provide three hours of custom designed instruction on activity X
for 30 people on 15 Feb. for a price of $1500."

What the boss reads: "Proposal of Work: Training Inc. will make all my
people do activity X."

What the Boss thinks: "This is great, for $50 bucks each I can get all
these people making more widgets."

What the Boss writes: "Staff Memo: To increase productivity, activity X
training has been scheduled for everyone next Monday from 8:00 to 11:00

What the employee reads: "Staff Memo: Most of you, but not those who are
doing important things early on Monday morning, need to attend some
training session where we will teach you how to work harder and longer."

What the employee thinks: "Why the hell does the boss want to put us into
a room for three hours when we need to be making widgets. We're never
going to get our production up sitting around."

The headlines in the newspaper on Feb 16: "Trainer injured in riot,
proctologist removes training module in six hour operation".

...And that is why what we think and write doesn't always translate into
effective activity. I think it also addresses Tom Abeles' question in
KM/LO interface-flint and tinder LO20634, "What is it that drives people
to purchase this or any commodity from a sophisticated KM consulting
package to the latest air freshner?"

[Host's Note: Thanks. Lon. I'm laughing out loud! ...Rick]


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