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I think it all depends on the individual's perspective about the
environment. If the work force is not worried about the job market or
general economic environment or in other words their
environment(perceptual or real) is certain, no amount of kicking would
result in better performance, rather it may produce opposite effects.
Autocratic leadership may work only in situations where the work force is
under the mercy of a few or under very harsh environment.

Doug Merchant wrote:

> When we look at Democracy to inform and expand our thinking about the
> Learning Organization, I think we miss the point as long as we stay at the
> individual level of the system. The important issues for Democracy and
> Learning Organizations are the organizational governance mechanisms at
> play. For example, Do we try to identify, select and develop future
> leaders of the business? or Do we want to build organizations with the
> capacity to embrace "good" leadership, resist "bad" leadership, and "know"
> the difference?
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