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Replying to Judy Meisels Tal in LO20650:

>To Dave Birren:
>You mentioned in your letter "a model of successful consultation that's
>based on feminine psychology (e.g., as found in the Tao Te Ching)."
>Can you elaborate or at least point out some reference.

The easiest (for me) and most beneficial (for you) is to refer you to
Stephen Mitchell's translation of the Tao Te Ching. In the introduction,
he describes the concept of yin and yang and how the Taoist leader is able
to choose either depending on the circumstances. As one of the chapters
says, "know the masculine but keep to the feminine" - meaning that one
should be able to engage active forms of leadership when necessary, but is
better off practicing feminine (yang) forms, such as letting go of pride
and empowering others.

If you can't find Mitchell's, you might look for the one by Gia-Fu Feng
and Jane English; it seems to be more available.

If you'd like specific quotes that I believe characterize the feminine
mode of leadership, I can find some.

Meanwhile, be well.

* David E. Birren
Project Manager and Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Natural
(608) 267-2442
"Teach your tongue to say 'I do not know' and you will progress."
-- Maimonides


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Tao Te Ching : A New English Version by Stephen Mitchell


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