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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:11:32 -0600

[Host's Note: From their web page, the conf appears to be March 10-12 in
Orlando FL. ...Rick]

Knowledge management. Variously defined and understood. Some
organizations seem to be clear about the concept and opportunities and are
running with them. Others of us are still exploring its many facets and
their implications. Regardless of where each of us is in this
understanding, this is a topic that demands our attention. It has
significant business and performance issues-especially for our support
functions-and most especially for HRD.

How is your organization handling the increasingly critical issue of
knowledge management? Here is your chance to network with top executives
facing the same questions. This conference will help you and your team
tackle these opportunities and issues:

-Collaboration between HRD and KM
-Harnessing data and technology
-Radically rethinking program design and development
-Redefining your function's mission and role.

The Convergence of HRD and Knowledge Management

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