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AM de Lange wrote, in a very small part:

> As for buying Knowledge Management (KM) software, it reminds me of the
> encyclopedia business. The buyers are told that the encyclopedia will
> be a great benefit to them. But once bought, they seldom if ever read
> the encyclopedia.

If I were to analyze the KM induatry, world wide, including the domain of
intellectual capital, I would be willing to wager that the hard cash and
human resources now devoted to learning organizations pales, in
comparison. it is almost like the japanese cycles of the future, a blend
of the linear western thinking and the chinese cycles, a spiral. We have
gone from Taylorism and the "Man in the Gray Flannel suit to the
humanistic models and now back to the quants, but with a humanistic face
or patena. It seems like milking of cows with good herd management with
the LO portion being the ameliorating factor, the humanity, as it were

At de Lange seems to believe the opposite, from principle and theory, but
praxis doesn't seem to have the congruence


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