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Doc writes, "Why does an otherwise rational person enter into a dark,
forbidding, damp and potentially dangerous cave to explore?

Why does your colleague want the others around her in the workplace to

I find the two examples incongruous...perhaps because the first is a
choice of self-actualization and the second seems to be a desire for
others to change."

and adds, "You know, this cave exploring is a pretty neat past-time! "

Thank you for your thoughts, Doc! It opens my eyes, broadens my mind, and
causes a little frustration in me. The first two points are clear; I'll
explain the latter (in part).

I take my boys into our excuse for a rose garden. I say, "smell the rose,
but be careful of the thorns." They have concern (being only 2 & 4 at the
time). Danger lies therein. So, I tell them I'll protect them so they
can smell the rose. Fortunately, that was all that was necessary for my
'smelling, selling job!'

Adults have stronger pre-conceived notions; fears strengthened by
experience. How do we sell this exploration of a new organization, and
don't we owe it to others to sell it?

No we shouldn't force our desired direction on others; they must chose it
themselves. But, when they're fearful of the cave, of smelling the roses,
do we owe them a little encouragement?

Ultimately, though, I agree with Doc that if people chose not to learn,
that is their much as I don't like to see people make such a



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