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>1) Knowledge or Intellegence is supposedly the measure of the difference
>between the hard asset value and the stock price- All the accounting
>organizations are trying to "measure" this, yet everyone that I talk
>with, in the arena, deep down inside, does not believe it. It seems like
>the drunk searching for the keys under the light on the corner

I would say that the knowledge held by the people who are part of the
enterprise would account for at least some of the differential between
hard asset value and stock price. Else, why is Microsoft worth so much?

>The KM arena seems to be moving back to treating the work force
>like little biocomputers. If we can download and distribute the contents
>of the cerebral hard drive and decode the wetware, then the human
>element, the uncertain part, the affective part, can be discounted,
>eliminated or made interchangable.

By definition, this is what would happen in "bad" companies.

>In the management arena it seems we are
>confronted with , at one extreme, the issue of virtual communities where
>persons can be assembled like pieces in an erector set and then
>deconstructed vs a more permanent organization where the sum is greater
>than the parts.

Virtual communities can exist within permanent organizations where the
organization is geographically distributed. Is the issue whether
organizations should have temporary workers? A recent issue of Fortune
( states:

"While conventional
wisdom holds that job security is a thing of the
past, it's a recurring perk among the 100 Best
Companies [to work for]. More than a third of them are
whispering that employment is for keeps.
Three--Southwest Airlines
No. 4), Harley-Davidson (No. 77), and FedEx
(No. 79)--have adopted official no-layoff policies.
"These companies aren't being charitable," says
Fred Reichheld, a consultant at Bain & Co. and
author of The Loyalty Effect. "

Again, "bad" companies, by definition, do the worng thing.


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