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Thank you for allowing me to join the org learning chat room. Very
briefly about myself, I live in New Zealand, Auckland, work for a Human
Resources consultancy, educated at University of Stellenbosch in South
Africa. An engineer by original profession but have very little to do with
that these days.

My interests are human development, assessment profiling, and developing &
installing learning systems to measure learning & competency within

I came across your chat room searching on the net for BIOSS and Jaques' ,
I took notice of some of the comments here, work.

I have developed a learning system, with a colleague, to measure
competency, ratios to KPI's, measure training and how it effects, market
share volume, measure competency, measure intellectual knowledge and
generally how to link knowledge, skill to organisational resources
(subject matter experts, policy, people, strategies, training programmes,
systems, learning resource guides etc etc, etc.) Very basically it
creates the so called "intelligent organisation". So far the system is
only for the sales environment. Pretty simple to make it for a
manufacturing environment though. The guts of the system revolves around
the so called "competency model" which is made of learning objectives
(skill & knowledge). Individuals are tracked, via a computer programme,
and their competency is measured in terms of a percentage. The entire
sales force can be measured by product, area, group etc. This basically
adds another measure to the KPI's, benchmarks etc. Strategy can also
easily be tracked and measured in terms of competency.

Hoping to read about your exciting learning org experiences.

Gavin Ritz
Auckland, City of Sails, New Zealand

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