Intro -- Ryder Jones LO20724
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 14:05:20 +0000

Greetings Fellow LO'ers,

I'm returning to the List after a year-long absence and
wanted to re-introduce myself.

I'm responsible for management development at an
international logistics company which is undertaking large
and exciting changes in its business and how it comes to
market. I relocated from the corporate head office near
London last year to more closely implement and monitor
change programs.

Up to now my interests have been helping managers define new
organizational and personal competencies, implementing
processes to evaluate these competencies and supporting them
in their efforts to 'close the gap'. My role expands this
year to include implementing basic HR practices to attract
new talent and revamping work profiles and comp and ben
structures to retain this talent.

I look forward to learning with and from you,

Ryder Jones
MSAS Global Logistics

Motto: "Never start with a blank sheet of paper."

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