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I came across this the other day and thought it worthy of some discussion.
I'll let Rick choose to either start a new thread on statistical factoids or
to link it back to the discussion on knowledge management.

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>From USA Today, 2/19/99 page 12B -- "Reengineering and rescuing a legacy's
distorted image":

Bain & Company says the use of reengineering peaked in 1995 when 78% of
the large companies it surveyed used it. The 1998 data has not been
compiled, but use of reengineering dropped to 64% in 1997.

...of the companies that say they used reengineering, satisfaction scores
are also slipping. Sixteen percent of companies say they are
dissatisfied, the second-highest dissatisfaction score among 25 business
tools surveyed. Only knowledge management had more detractors,

Still, a 1997 Deloitte Consulting survey said that 56% of companies
planned to increase their use of reengineering while just 11% planned to
reduce it.

What has KM been doing to justify such a high level of dissatisfaction.
We all know what reengineering has done as its legacy,

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