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Max Schupbach (max@max-jytte.com)
Sat, 1 May 1999 09:32:25 -0700

Replying to LO21411 --

Dear Bill,

thanks for that question, which brought forth so many helpful questions,
and this amazing dialogue between Steve and John.

In addition, not in contradiction, to what everbody else wrote:
Modern leadership enables learning. It goes beyond a partial goal, but
thinks of everybody involved and is aware that what looks like a conflict
is frequently an attempt of the system to allow more diversity. The modern
leader has faith in people and understands that competition and victory are
needed, since so many are interested in it, but not sustainable, since they
create the next cycle of confrontation. She support arenas, where there this
can happen alongside with trying out new and more cooperative forms or
working together, and appreciates them both for what they bring. The true
inspiration is a spiritual one, recognizing we are all one and that we look
at ourselves when we look at one another, in love as well as in hate.
Technology is part of that dreaming, especially communication technology,
which helps us to get together in new ways, that were unimaginabel a few
years ago. The new trends in leadership thinking go parallel with the
material development that makes them possible. This viewpoint goes along
with what some of my my aboriginal friends downunder believe, who told me
that modern technology, or Toyota dreaming, as they call it after its first
messenger, the Landcruiser, was coming from the spirits like everything
else, trying to make peoples lives easier and bring them more closely
together. I find myself more looking up to Rick Karash than Julius Cesar.
He is stays modestly in the background, creates a space for many of us to
come forward with our own leadership, enables learning for those who are
interested in it, and works very hard for all of us with little ego reward,
as far as I can see from where I sit.



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