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Wed, 12 May 1999 20:54:19 +1200

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Dear Leo

I would like to add to your comments about mental pictures, This is a
model I use we have 5 Representational systems, the Visual rep system has
no upper limits of content on context, however the language/ auditory
system has limits one by the language itself, as most have a syntax plus a
particular structure which limit a systems approach, we are hum struck by
the words and syntax, subject-verb-object which forces us to think in
cause effect, when in reality it is not that way at all. Other other rep
system Kinesthetics also has a finite boundary. If we are to think systems
we have to use our visual system as this has no boundaries as you pointed
out, we can think in abstract, we can visualise the past future, or


Leo Minnigh wrote:

> I hope that Steve and Glen don't mind that I composed a reply to both of
> you. Your mails were a reaction on my mail (LO21479) where I tried to
> explain that the perception of reality is a construction of the mind.


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