Study of Chief Learning Officers LO21613
Thu, 13 May 1999 09:19:31 EDT

Replying to LO21588 --

>I am undertaking a dissertation study of the work and perceptions of Chief
>Learning Officers, and would appreciate contact from anyone who is
>currently filling this position in any organization. Participants will be
>interviewed over the phone, in one or two sessions, for a total of about
>90 minutes. The ultimate goal of the study is to create a model for
>supporting and enhancing leadership in organizations dedicated to
>continuous learning.

The Company I work for, Corporate University Xchange already has performed
an intensive benchmarking study with CLO's (or same job function,
different title) from 120 Fortune 500 organizations on an international
level. Additionally we facilitate a group, the Chief Learning Officer
Xchange, which brings together about 100 CLO's four to five times per year
in an intensive face to face workshop and brainstorming session which last
several days, as well as facilitating more informal communication with
each other throughout the year. Anyone interested may find information
regarding the 1999 Survey of Corporate University Future Directions as
well as the Chief Learning Officer Xchange on our website at

Anne Ryan
Corproate University Xchange


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