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Bill Braun (medprac@hlthsys.com)
Tue, 18 May 1999 06:33:56 -0500

Replying to LO21647 --

In conversation, over time, he would talk about the importance of
supporting failure (the good try that misses the mark). The point we all
understood from it was that finding mistakes and focusing on them was
counterproductive to long-term people, teams and skills development.

Bill Braun

>>>One of my first bosses had an expression that he liked to repeat (so
>>>often he was the butt of good natured jokes).
>>>"We believe in corporal punishment around here. After a few good
>>>beatings, people don't make mistakes anymore. Actually, they don't do
>>>much of anything anymore."
>>>It got his point across.
>I like it but the results are even worse than his quip. People become busy
>covering up and avoiding association with mistakes so management cannot
>even see them and therefore cannot hope to fix the causes.

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