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Dear Eugene

In my opinion before even embarking on developing a LO the question should
be how do we measure the effect of being an LO. i.e. How do we measure
output capability? We all know how to measure performance output, Balanced
Score card or other. As in Senge's book he discussed the feedback process.
Desired output say increased EVA. (Outside the loop). Inside the loop, EVA
gap effects output effects output capability (then the time gap) effects
EVA gap etc. Being a Learning Organisation will not improve (change)
anything if it is not measured and the specific capabilities can be
measured so that the effect can be directly seen to a specific output.

The other most important question for a company is its human capability.
How do we assess or specifically measure human capability?

I believe the questions below are very important but at the strategic
level deep fundamental question need to asked. e.g. How can we
specifically meet more fundamental needs of our customers? After all that
is the sole reason for being in business. The ability of a system to meet
the needs of another system shows up in the ability of that system to grow
and survive hence show in its profits. It is not just the organisation in


Eugene Taurman wrote:

> You are right, management's questions are most important. That is why
> Deming devoted chapters to the right questions in his books.
> The questions asked by managers drive the culture, attitudes and
> priorities of an organization.
> The most important questions are:
> How can I make your work, work better?
> How can we make your process work better?
> Why is it done that way? Can you show me how it is done?
> How ell does it work and How do we know?
> Great topic for a book.


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