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Bruce Jones (brucej@nwths.com)
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 16:10:56 -0500

Replying to LO21795 --

> "why take flight in the first place"? And how (if at all) does this factor
> into the analogy with human organizations?


Let me take a stab at this one:

As individual as the human animal is it is still a herd animal. In any
organization, as I see it, there are of course leaders and followers. If
the rules, either as simple as the 'boids' or as complicated as an
organization, are to be followed the herd instinct will win out. As Joe
the leader goes so goes the rest of the office. If an organization can
function on a simple set of rules then the leaders will have a greater
leeway on how the flock or herd follows. The more complicated and
contradictory the organizational rules become the more chaotic the flight
of the 'boids' or movement of the herd.

If Joe is leading a group as he interprets the rules and Sally is leading
according to her interpretation, any conflict in the rules is going to
lead to mass confusion. In so doing the energy expended by both groups
will result in a null amount of productivity.

SO my take on the flocking 'boids' is that the simpler and clearer the
rules the more directed and productive the herd and thus the organization.

My $0.02

Bruce W. Jones
Organizational Development Specialist
Northwest Texas Healthcare System
Amarillo, Texas


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