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Here's an abstract of a recent article in Quality Progress. You can order
the original article from the authors.

Measuring People and Performance: Closing the Gaps
Morgan, Brian S.; Schiemann, William A. Copyright: 1999,
Brian S. Morgan, William A. Schiemann
Metrus Group, Somerville, NJ Phone: 908-231-1900
Quality Progress, January 1999, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 47-53

Quality Progress and Metrus Group surveyed a sample of ASQ members about
people metrics and management at their companies. Findings from more than
800 respondents indicate that even though people measures are used in many
companies, only about 30% of companies use these measures strategically.
In this minority of companies, five-year return on investment is 146%; it
is 97% in the other companies. Companies that describe themselves as
industry leaders are more likely than other companies, by 42% to 20%, to
have performance targets linked to their people metrics. Industry leaders
also are better than other companies, by 22% to 14%, in linking their
people measures with customer satisfaction and financial performance

A previous Metrus Group study identified eleven people dimensions that can
predict customer satisfaction: customer focus, performance management,
teamwork, management, supervision, clarity of direction, employee
commitment, employee satisfaction, respect, empowerment, and
organizational learning. The current survey finds that the only one of
these dimensions measured by more than 50% of the respondents is customer
focus. For measurement tools, 91% of the responding companies use
individual performance assessments. Employee surveys are a distant second
at 42%. To improve people measurement, organizations should: have support
from their leadership; use integrated measures; build measurement into the
culture; and use simple and personal tools like Motorola's Individual
Dignity Entitlement measure. (Contact the Metrus Group at the phone number
above for information on this. JZ)

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