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Tue, 8 Jun 1999 17:19:01 -0700

Is there a correlation between the 'Brand' crisis faced by every
product/service by the internet revolution and the brand called
'knowledge' ?

As long as the mental model demands Dom Perignon - bottle, label & other
pathetic pedigree - there will always be 'billions & millions' of bottles
of vinegar that parade as champagne.

Internet has destroyed these walls of protected 'knowledge', and the
'word' that was once the intellectual royal jewel of a few individuals and
those they chose to hand over to, has escaped the stronghold of
individuals, universities, libraries, corporations, organizations &

The process of knowledge creation [upbringing] and the *privately*
inspected certification and quality [pedigree] is increasingly losing
value to the common mongrel that is proving to be as good a dog as any
other. The bottle has broken. Content has spilt itself to *public*
evaluation. Wine, my dear, is open for tasting and valuation.

The micro-brewery of knowledge in any startup garage or web-toned PC, is
threatening the value of brand named vintner chateau. Competitive barrier,
if I may interject - the iron-curtain - is disintegrating.

This phenomenon is applicable to e*Trade, Amazon, french revolution, cheap
foreign programmers, prestigious university education, PC revolution,
colonial disintegration, ubiquitous computing, bra burning, white house
scandals... The gut spilt gory of the massacred ancient glory befits
another spielberg production.

Although, the common 'knowledge' is that, this modern revolution was
started by the dress-down culture of silicon valley... I am wondering if
the half-naked indian, who walked into the Buckingham Palace and
confronted 20 generations of royalty, the very concept of civilization &
savagery, started all this deconstruction of the rhetoric. Then again,
should we thank hitler for all this impertinent indiscipline ?

Is *Knowledge* - The Rhetoric, in a state of crisis, confronted by
*Knowledge* - The Content ?... is the rhetorical question :-)

If this is true, then what cake do we bake from this tiringly-cyclical
burning revolution ? If the concept of organization is changing, then how
do you build a new france - the post-internet organization ?

Aah, the thrills of the metaphors we live in... such brain candy !

Sendil ~zen~ Nathan
Information Architect


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