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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 07:03:29 EDT

Replying to LO21847

Dear Oranlearners,

Goad Edwin writes

"True knowledge & experience doesn't seem to me to be very cumulative in

Dear Goad,

May I say that what you observe is very interesting to me.
I wonder if the word "reality" in "cumulative in reality" may not be so
much "what" we think, but is a reflection of the "way" we think.

I sense much meandering in the 'thought stream' as another might say.

John Locke wrote this, around three hundred years ago, "All things that
exist, besides their Author, are all liable to change; especially those
things we are aquatinted with, and have ranked into bands, under distinct
names or ensigns. Thus, that which was grass today is tomorrow the flesh
of sheep; and within a few days after, becomes a part of man; in all
which, and the like changes, 'tis evident their 'real essence', i.e. that
constitution whereon the properties of these several things depended, is
destroyed and perishes with them. But essences, being taken for ideas,
established in the mind, with names annexed to them, they are supposed to
remain steadily the same, whatever mutations the particular substances are
liable tob
without the existence of so much as one individual of that kind."

What I personally take and now share from this is a picture or vision of
the world, wherein what you call 'cumulative in reality' is a reflection
in and of the shared experiences of the world, and this is possible to
understand by another term, "the whole". And this is our ever unfolding in
the deep-creativity that is the blood and heart and essence of your
personal being in the world of 'experience'.

Could it be possible then that we could say "Cumulative (in) reality is
the way of the essence of true knowledge and experience in the world?"

Andrew Campbell.


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