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Laurence Piers Smith (lsmith@worldbank.org)
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 09:27:16 -0400

Replying to LO21878 --

Absolutely. I hadn't thought of/described it in quite those terms, but
that is very much the direction in which I was thinking. I agree that
learning is the key, and the speed of change of new schemas (rules,
knowledge, best practices - whatever terms fits), is a compelling
indication of the fitness of the system, but for me there also needs to be
a metric that relates directly to how people around here think.

Specifically, for the US$55m we invest in KM, what is the return?
Currently we mainly measure what I term 'web metrics,' my argument would
be that we should measue it more in terms of 'new people having access to
clean water,' new people raised out of poverty' etc. as that is the Bank's
mission and the terms of its success.

I see I missed the DC chapter meeting on Metrics 6/8 - the exact same time
I posted my comment! Would like to speak to you directly about KMCI etc.
pelase call me at 202 458 5206

and lets continue the dialogue - are you DC based?



Laurence Piers Smith <lsmith@worldbank.org>

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