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Peter Pick (Peter.Pick@Orgafit.com)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 19:37:28 +0200

I'd like to start a new collection of ideas for the homepage of
organizational fitness at http://www.orgafit.com. For this work I need
your help.

Sometimes change works very well with the usage of symbolic actions or
with objects. These things allow you to easily remember your goal.

Here is one example of a symbolic gesture for "there is always time for
quality". Put a full glass of water on the table. Ask your co-workers
whether there is room left in this glass for anything else. If they say
no, drop a golden ring in the glass - no water will slip over, and you can
say "There is always room or time for quality."

Another example is the "Meeting-Sign" on my Website, category "Action

Do you know of other examples of organizational symbols? All the visitors
of the Orgafit-Website would be glad to hear about them. Just mail them to
me, and I will publish them.

Thank you for your help.

Peter Pick
Homepage of organizational fitness


Peter Pick <Peter.Pick@Orgafit.com>

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