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DPDASH (dpdash@ximb.stpbh.soft.net)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:14:19 +530

Replying to LO21913 --

Dear Learning Organisation participants,

A few days back I had introduced myself to the list. As I have received no
response so far, I am not sure whether it reached you at all. I was
mentioning about a research initiative on 'learning communities' and was
soliciting brief write-ups on the topic.

[Host's Note: DP's msg was sent to my personal address. Now understanding
that he wanted it to go to the list, I distributed it today.
Unfortunately, thru my error, you have received two copies... My
apologies. ..Rick]

I found the recent discussion on 'detectors' (by John, De Lange, and
others) both original and interesting. These detectors might be in the
'mind', but these might also be in some 'system' or 'sub-system'. In
organisational cybernetics (S. Beer, R. Espejo, and others), the notion of
an 'intelligence system' (i.e., System 4) comes close to this idea. It is
supposed to detect the changes in the environment which would be relevant
to the future viability of the parent system. I guess, all the three
detectors would be required to discharge this responsibility.

Besides, the discussion about detectors might also be related to the
discussion about 'linguistic structures'. Some linguistic structures will
fail to detect something. To give a metaphorical example, consider the
football game as a linguistic structure. It would fail to detect a
player's knowledge of computer language or of Indian cooking! Do the
discussants view this as a problem, or a difficulty requiring a response?



PS: I still need the responses to my previous message soliciting 500-word
briefs on 'learing communities'. Please ask me for the original message if
you have not received a copy yet.

Prof. D. P. Dash
Xavier Institute of Management
Bhubaneswar 751013


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