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Goad Edwin R (
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 10:15:15 -0500

I am inspired to write a few proverbs:

One's crap pile is another's gem mine.

One's crap filter is another's gem detector.

To one, faith is the act of believing in what he can't see,
To another it is a set of codified "beliefs".

Whereas one speaks of religion, another thinks of spirit.

Where one sees a learning organization, another sees individuals bound
together - but loosely.

Where one sees chaos, another sees profound order.

Where one sees order, another sees rigidity & inflexibility.

Where one sees rigidity & inflexibility and despises it,
another senses fear and has compassion.

One says creative!, and another says risky & wasteful.

One shares knowledge out of love, yet others feel belittled.

Many ways of seeing, many ways of knowing.

Thanks for reading this rambling,
Ed Goad


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