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Sat, 19 Jun 1999 00:23:56 -0400

After a couple of years absence, I pleased to see that "learning-org" is
thriving. My congratulations to Richard as host, and to the many active
writers and readers.

To briefly re-introduce myself, I am currently with the Canadian Centre
for Management Development, an agency of the federal public service which
is responsible for research and learning programs to support some 30,000
managers and executives. Professionally, I have over 30 years experience
in helping make human systems work better, attached to positions in OD,
human resource management, coaching and related areas. Academically, I
have a B.Sc. in Psychology, M.Ed (Adult Ed) and Ph.D. (Org Behaviour),
and along the way have also completed programs at Columbia (OD&HRM), MIT
(Org Learning), and NTL (OD, Laboratory Education). Personally, I am a
husband of nearly 32 years, a father of five, and a interested in such
activities as cycling, canoeing, badminton, and photography.

My reason for leaving this group related to changing jobs and completing
my doctorate. Now I am returning with a particular mission in mind. I am
looking for help (contacts, ideas, materials, papers, dialogue)
concerning the application of learning organization in a public sector
context (particularly Westminister system). Rather than complicate this
'intro' any more, I will stop here and prepare a see if I can organize a
separate note to describe the questions I am exploring.

It feel good to be back!

Rick Fullerton


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