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Kent Quisel (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 15:43:05 -0400

This seems a good time to introduce myself after months of reading the
contributions to this forum. Your thoughts have been valuable to my own
framework of a learning community, sometimes through constructive
puzzlement. This has led to private exchanges with a few of you. I
appreciate the respectful and nurturing manner that is encouraged among
the participants.

My profession is consultant to organizations, using methods that foster
success and learning, such as Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics,
Management Science and Strategy Systems. On the side, but very related,
are occassions to facilitate groups in spiritual growth.

For several years I was involved in Peter Senge's learning community as
part of my long career with the Dupont Company. My first exposure to
Systems Thinking was long ago with the academic program of Russ Ackoff.
(Rick Karash mentioned John D.C. Little recently. I had also enjoyed his
mentoring years ago.)

More about me and DeSA is on our web site,


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