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Jim Battell (jbattell@mediaone.net)
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 21:38:18 -0400

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Fellow listers

I do quite agree with Roy's sense of intrigue. I have tended to
capitalize my new constructs. And, in my case, I found myself encasing my
metaphors and other constructs in quotation marks. It is as if I wanted
to say, "See this." "Do not miss this." "It might be the only valuable
thing in this entire sorry tale." And, soon, quotation marks were dotting
my textual countryside like the pox. It MUST have slowed the reader down.

I had occasion recently to promote a device called "Mutually Assured
Instruction" as a possible antitheses to the "Mutually Assured
Destruction" potential we have been living with. And quotation marks and
capital letters sprang up everywhere. I might as easily have said: If we
put as much energy into mutually assured instruction as we have shoveled
into mutually assured destruction, we would be out of the woods. We would
win this game after all. I suppose that is what learning is all about.
Doing more with less.

Jim Battell
(No bon mot)

Roy Greenhalgh wrote:

> I am intrigued more and more these days when I see a group of possibly
> related words suddenly Initially Capitalised, and that they have taken
> on either a new, but usually a specific meaning. So it is with Learning
> Style Inventory. Is there is discrete meaning to this threesome of
> words?


Jim Battell <jbattell@mediaone.net>

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