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Tue, 22 Jun 1999 22:25:45 +0100

hello everyone on the list,

I've been a member of this list, with a years break, for about 3+ years
now. Some of you who go back that far will remember my many postings
about complexity theory and learning and management. My book 'navigating
complexity' is a much better thing as a result of my interactions here,
and so this is a big thank you to all list contributors, and especially to
Rick, our moderatore di tutti moderati.

I'm about to start writing a new book on complexity and its application in
management and organisation development. This one will be much more of a
toolkit than my previous book 'navigating complexity'.

Maybe you would like to suggest
anything really (!) that you think would:

1. be useful to include in the new book from a reader/users perspective


2. useful to me, your humble writer (no irony here, I mean this) in
putting the book together

please reply to me at this address:

in your reply, it would really help if you could please indicate if you
have read my book, because if you have, you'll be aware of my 'level'
which is popular science applied for executives. I am not seeking to
write a scientific work, nor an academic management work. my level is
'waldrop meets senge interviewed by kevin kelly' (which would make a
heckuvan interview would it not?)

if you haven't read my book then have you read any extracts from it (such
as the chapter on 'boids' I posted to the learning organisation list

or if you would like to, email me and I'll send you one or 2 sample

OK. if you have something to contribute please email me

I'm really trying to get a feel for the issues that managers are facing
that complexity based methodologies may be able to help with. I have more
thoughts and some specific ideas for the 'frame' of the book but I'd
really like to hear from you all, before I waffle on about my perspective
on it. The key thing is what are the issues for managers, not what are
the neat ideas that managers should know about. My first book was more
the latter, this next one has to be more the former.

in return I will namecheck contributors in the book acknowledgements and
post sections of it to contributors when its in the proof stage, so you
get early access.

hope you can help

Many thanks

Best wishes

Arthur Battram


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-creating effective participation and involvement with customers, communities and colleagues - enhance your enterprise by applying the new management models emerging from complexity science - accelerate your personal development by learning within the complexity perspective - develop new models of participation and involvement that are effective and sustainable - designing interactions for fast change and sustainable improvement: face-to-face, one/many to many, print and web - thrive in the new world of business by learning to navigate complexity

Arthur Battram is the author of 'Navigating Complexity: the essential guide to complexity theory in business and management' published by the Industrial Society International, recently reprinted as the first edition sold out, It's should now be available again on and (complain to them/email me if it isn't)

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