Learning Style Inventory LO21996

Fri, 25 Jun 1999 15:11:15 -0400

Replying to LO21942 --

Kolb's LSI is one of the most widely used of its kind in the world; it
definitely spans experiential learning--that is the name of Kolb's book,
in fact. A self-scorable version, more complex enhancements of the LSI
and even electronic versions are available from the Training Resource
Group (TRG) of Hay/McBer (part of the Hay Group). Their Boston office is
available through the main Hay number there of (617) 425-4500, or you can
reach them through http://www.haygroup.com. It is kind of high on awkward
labels, but the concepts are great and we used them to create course
designs that work very well indeed. Kolb's basic principle is that people
learn better if they cycle through all four styles in a single unit (2-3
hours, say) no matter what their preferences. He has research to back it

Steve Kelner, ex-Hay/McBer guy



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