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Learning to Invest with "Your" Values

This month, Bloomberg Press offically released their new Socially
Responsible Investing (SRI) and Business book
"Investing with Your Values: Making Money and Making a Difference"
by Hal Brill , Jack A. Brill and Cliff Feigenbaum. Foreword by Amy Domini.

The 380-page book features practical information on the world of SRI
including screening, mutual funds, stocks, community investments, asset
allocation, and social venture capital. It also covers sustainable
business, simplicity, green tax reform and includes numerous resource
lists. For a preview of the book go to-

The Book is available wherever books are sold or credit card orders by call

Bloomberg is committed to making this the biggest Responsible Investing and
Business book ever, so keep your eyes open for the ad campaign and numerous
magazine articles as well as TV, radio and newspaper coverage. Look for
forthcoming articles in: Bloomberg Wealth Manager, New Age Journal, Natural
Home magazine, Journal of Practical Estate Planning, Money magazine, Profit
magazine and many others.

With much gratitute, I've included a collection of the book reviews below
Cliff Feigenbaum, The GreenMoney Journal

Book Reviews:

"Investing with values is not a contradiction in terms. It's a trillion
dollar, growing industry. INVESTING WITH YOUR VALUES offers a rare
combination: the pragmatic tools of disciplined investing with a thoughtful
methodology for melding difficult financial decisions with fundamental and
cherished personal values." - Joan Shapiro, Former EVP of South Shore
Bank & Consultant,
Corporate Social Responsibility:

"Both visionary and practical, INVESTING WITH YOUR VALUES fuels the growing
urge to unite in the creation of a new, more sustainable economy. As
investors and consumers, everyone has the ability to influence the course
of events in a meaningful way; for every dollar we invest or spend is a
vote for the type of future we want to manifest."
-Steve Schueth, Chair and President, the Social Investment Forum

"Ancient wisdom holds that where a person's treasure is, there shall
his heart be also. Investing With Your Values makes the powerfully
appealing case that the converse can be true, too, and highly rewarding --
a must read for those who yearn for guidance in how to do the right thing
and the smart thing with their treasure."
- Ray Anderson, CEO and Founder , Interface Corpration

INVESTING WITH YOUR VALUES is a comprehensive and inspiring handbook for
individual investors. It belongs on the bookshelf of every person who owns
a mutual fund, is considering owning a mutual fund, or invests in a 401(k)
plan at work. As we prepare to enter the 21st century, we will see Hal
Brill, Jack Brill, and Cliff Feigenbaum's [or, the authors'] "heart
ratings" added to the short list of preferred benchmarks for mutual fund
- Barbara Krumsiek, President & CEO , Calvert Group

DIFFERENCE is concise, well-written, and an important guide for those who
want to make money-and make it count."
-John W. Rogers, Jr., President, Ariel Mutual Funds

"Today's megatrend toward spirituality brings us to a crossroads: now more
than ever, we long to act on our beliefs and ethics. Investing With Your
Values is your step-by-step guide to manifesting your values in the real
world of business. It is a godsend."
-John Naisbitt & Patricia Aburdene, Co-authors, Megatrends 2000

"The authors have made a complex set of issues surprisingly simple! With
this book in hand, it is easy, profitable, and yes, natural, to invest in
harmony with your values."
- Winston Franklin, President of Institute of Noetic Sciences

"Investing With Your Values is a succinct, informative guide providing
advice on social investing. The book provides easy-to-understand answers to
the financial basics and presents a thought-evoking view of the social
- Janet Prindle, Principle of Neuberger Berman and
Fund Manager of Neuberger Berman Socially Responsible Fund:

"A solid, balanced, and very useful guide for the investor who is interested
not only in a healthy return but a healthy future for our children and our
planet." - Bob Dunn, President and CEO , Business for Social Responsiblity

"If you want your money to make money and make a difference. If you value
doing good and doing well. If you dream of having life work for you and for
humanity, then this book's for you."
-Martin Rutte, co-author of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL AT WORK

"An up-to-date and very instructive primer on the basics of socially
responsible investing-from shareholder advocacy to using one's investments
for community economic development."
- Tim Smith, Executive Director, Interfaith Center on
Corporate Responsibility:

"For all those who seek and work toward a gentler, kinder, fairer
and healthier economy. If enough of us-including consumers, employees and
voters, join the investors and business people described in this book, we
can all help build a saner, safer, greener world for everyone."
-Hazel Henderson , Author of Building a Win-Win World: Life
Beyond Global Economic Warfare
Co-creator of Calvert-Henderson Quality-of-Life Indicators

"Brilliant. A pathway to the future. Everything you need to know
about aligning your investments with the values of your soul. Essential
reading for every CEO who is concerned about shareholder value."
-Richard Barrett , Author of Liberating the Corporate Soul:
Building a Visionary Organization

-- (cliff feigenbaum)

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Investing With Your Values : Making Money & Making a Difference by Hal Brill, Jack A. Brill, Cliff Feigenbaum


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