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I've been away from this list for sometime - Sorry it took so long for me
to post this response!

There is a free, monthly online series called "Demystifying New Science"
that is hosted by Corpus Optima with Chris Welsh, President of Mastery of
Learning. The next session is scheduled for July 9, 9:30 am - 10:30 am
CDT; Chris will discuss "Memes" and their application to communication
and alignment within corporate cultures.

Chris Welsh has been applying chaos and complexity concepts to individual
and organizational learning for over 2 decades; Corpus Optima has
developed an online university complete with courses that apply these
concepts to diversity, customer service, quality, wellness, etc.

The link is:
Follow the navigational cues to the Main chat room. The first part is
typically an interview of Chris Welsh, conducted by Dave Guerra (President
of Corpus optima); then it is an open session where everyone askes
questions, explores the topic together, and shares their experiences.

You can get transcripts of the past sessions and also get on the
distribution list for future transcripts by contacting

If you'd like more information about the content, you can contact Chris
Welsh at


Synthia Smith

> You should try reading Margaret Wheatly's "Leadership and the new
> Sciences",
> other interesting book is Kevin Kelley's "Out of control".
> Regards,
> --
> Jose-Antonio Espin
> > I am interested in any articles dealing with applications of
> Chaos Theory
> > in organizational developent or international organizations.


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