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Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:51:27 +0430

Dear Friends,

I'm an undergraduate student of Industrial Engineering at Sharif
University of Tech. in Iran. The first time I heard about Learning
Organization was when I got the valuable interesting book by Peter M.
Senge, that was the Fifth Discipline. The second time was in my System
Dynamics course with Dr. Ali Mashayekhi, and it was really great.

I am new to this list, and too young to have any experience in this field!
but I'm very eager to know more and more.

With best wishes
Ali Soleymaniha

Ali Soleymaniha
No 23, Dena bldg., Zard-Kooh street,
Shahid Fallahi ave., Vali-Asr ave.,
Tehran 19896

Phone : (0098)021-257-2326

[Host's Note: Welcome, Ali. I have had many good conversations with Ali
Mashayekhi at MIT during the past few years. ...Rick]


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