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Replying to LO22020 --

Winfried said ( in LO22020):
"What about the following correspondence:
Change: Motor
Resistance to change (group environments): brake
Orchestration: Integration of motor and brake in such a way, that changes
do become effectively implemented improvements. "

What about this:

Both Motor and Brakes are mechanisms to transfer or focus energy within
the system.

Resistance to change would be like friction between moving (changing)
surfaces, and

"External" circumstances (like mud, rocks, water, other barriers).

The Motor is like a facilitator that helps bring forth the fuel's
potential energy, and focus it in a useful direction. The brakes are also
like facilitators used to focus the direction of this energy (while also
further transforming the energy into heat (not necessarily bad) or
possibly returning the energy into a stored form. On a swing I guess the
motor and the brakes could be the same - the force of gravity. Potential
energy is stored on the up swing and released on the down swing.

Also, perhaps resistance (friction) could be more useful if we thought
about it differently. Friction in the motor could create heat that we
could use to fry an egg, etc. As I think about this, I realize that I tend
toward a pre-judgement that says all friction is bad. How to think more
creatively to enhance the dignity and usefulness of this friction (which
in these metaphors seems like a natural part of the system)?

I am know trying to think of systems (especially natural ones) that use
the side effects of internal friction in a useful way ...

P.S. I really appreciate the input to this listserv from all of you
experts out there. To me this list makes visible the struggles of any
system (at least any man-made system); the struggle to reach an awareness,
understanding, appreciation and integration of differences. Thanks, and
keep it up!

Ed Goad


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