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Goad Edwin R (edwin.goad@redstone.army.mil)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:29:41 -0500

Replying to LO22039 --

Thinking outloud about outdoor adventure type experiences:

I believe that these experiences have some effect on all who participate;
however, only a few have a profound experience - because the timing just
happens to be right for them. After all, most participants did not seek
this out at this time - it was merely part of an organizational change
effort. And since all change happens first with individuals, the total
change may not be as great as the organizers hoped. I mean, think how hard
it is for us to change even a small thing in our own lives - our
preconceptions and mental models are deeply engraved. For a few, an
experience may chisel a whole new picture, but for the rest of us the same
experience leaves only minor scratch marks, perhaps (hopefully) a
realization that the picture is just a picture, and not reality.

As I re-read this it sounds un-positive. But expectations are a mighty
factor to be reckoned with. Unmet expectations give many an excuse for
choosing to become disappointed, angry, hopeless, depressed.
Unfortunately, if we advertise more "realistic" results (lower our
expectations) we may not sell as much.

While trying to think myself into a whole,
I'm thinking myself into a hole - help!

Ed Goad


Goad Edwin R <edwin.goad@redstone.army.mil>

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