Entropy LO22387 -was: Free energy and work

Stan Schellenburg (stanschellenburg@hotmail.com)
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 19:50:42 CDT

Replying to LO22384 --

Hi At,

Thank you for clarifying the relationship between free energy and work for
me. I notice that even my question embodied a false assumption.

Now I have been thinking about entropy, specifically the equation that
describes entropy as a function of the energy needed to maintain the
present organization of a system and absolute temperature: S=(E-F)/T.

What happens when temperature increases in a system? Intuitively, I would
think E-F automatically would increase, i.e., that more energy would be
required to maintain the present organization and F would be absorbed --
decrease -- into E-F. If T goes up with no change in E-F, then, is there
automatically an immergence? But if T goes up and E-F doesn't change, S
decreases. How can that happen, that is, how can entropy decrease? Does
entropy of the system decrease while still entropy of the surrounding
universe increase?

With an emmergence, does S go up?

Proportionally, can you give me an idea of what S is for a person versus
for, say, a cat or a car? I'm wondering what some actual S numbers are
for things.

Thank you,

Stan Schellenburg


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