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Malini Manikam (mmalini@maxisnet.com.my)
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 16:28:23 +0800

Hi there,

I get to know about the learning organisation only recently and have taken
certain steps to get more information about the above through
internet.Tell you the truth the reason I got interested in this area
because currently I need to prepare an assignment for my degree program
which I'm doing on a part time basis. Other than that I will also be doing
my dissertation on the above subject . However , I'm currently working in
a telecommunication organisation which is called Maxis Communications
Berhad as a Head of Call Management Unit in the IT department.

Our organisation in involved a lot in grroming their staff in the area of
training where they have set up the Maxis Learning Bank where most of our
training is conducted here apart of external trainings.

The main reason I subscribe to this mailing list is basically for me to
get guidance and understanding from the expert out there with regards to
the above matter. Basically I'm going to conduct an interview with few
well establish organisation such as Citi Bank, IBM, and Petronas who
claims to be a Learning Organisation. I basically having some problem to
come up with the questionaire to conduct thee interview with them because
if I'm not mistaken I have to relate the questionaire with the Sixth
Discipline. Could you kindly provide me some samples or outline how to
come up with a questionaire.

Your prompt reply, co-operation and guidance in this matter is

Thank you and have a nice day.



"Malini Manikam" <mmalini@maxisnet.com.my>

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