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Pixie Delite (pixie_delite@hotmail.com)
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 16:37:53 PDT

Replying to LO22388 --

just like to add to this. i agree with chuck here...that no matter how
much research or study one does on the dynamics and analysis both
quantitative and qualitative, of networks and bonds in groups....there
will always be that element u cannot put into words..and one must not put
into words...

i guess it is a realistion thru systems that...organisations are nothing
but another representation of the very baic unit of life..a cell...and
even an atom!

life is like a snow flake....right down to the simplest unit...reproduced
over and o9ver again for the same pattern to form a comples snowflake!
organisations are nothing but human aggregations..like a liver or stomach!
it is all about coming together for exhange and leanring and sharing of
knowlege and resources...in terms of money and everyother thing one can
think of!

it all sounds idealistic yes..but the truth is...we are only begining to
realise that life is not to be feared..and not something u run from to
become stronger by becoming more 'inhuman' in our practices and approaches
to logic...but the need to redefine life itself for us..the way..we
actually know already in our hearts!!!! to be able to not fear what we are
and actualise all that we are as a race and being into every thing we
do..even business!!!!!

anyhow there i go rambling again. sorry! still young and naive..and still
learning...hope no one minds :)

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