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Aleksandar Raich (araic@EUnet.yu)
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 21:59:15 +0200

Dear Rick

My intention relates to the "white plague" (depopulation) which is real
danger for survival of majority of ex-Yugoslavia nations This negative
demographic phenomena is especially characteristic here in Vojvodina
(North province of Serbia). Since actual government "manages", our society
comes from one to another catastrophe so that mentioned demographic
problem becomes unbearable. This bother me because I'm watching everyday
how majority of young people here (my son among them) waste their time
without possibility to obtain job, plan family, develop as humans. During
last decade our nation learns only how survive in elementary sense. In
same time in countries which are cultural and democratic model for us
since split with Stalinism (1948), opens new development perspectives.
>From the position of the mostly pro-western nation behind the iron
curtain, we became the world's pariah and leprosy. That kind of ideas
leads majority of thinking people here toward some kind of catharsis
(enlightenment)... This is environment of a learning nation in case of
Serbia's people in this moment. Opening toward developed world, connecting
with Europe, is question of life or death. But, elementary existence
problems, the painful feeling of silent demographic death of our nation,
makes inner iron curtain for agile behavior, real human activity, and this
hinders creative learning.

Greeting from a tired LOer


[Host's Note:

To: Aleksandar -- I am very happy to hear from you again! When you wrote
several months ago, it was a shock to me to be in touch with someone in a
war zone, especially when my county was doing the bombing. I was worried
about you.

To: Readers -- Aleksandar wrote to us early in the period of bombing. He
recently sent another note which was a bit too partisan to distribute.
Frankly, if I had been bombed, I don't know how I could have written a
note without being partisan. One of my grand questions is how we can ever
lift the clouds of secrecy, disinformation, and partisanship so that we
might learn something from a war experience.



Aleksandar Raich <araic@EUnet.yu>

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