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Dear Bryan & John

I have done more than just blend employee development performance, I have
linked it to specific outputs the BSC for one plus to the company's key
drivers. I have used Learningspace as the assessment tool where an
employee can have access to resources plus do self quizzing before sending
the self assessment to the administrator. This system is like the
balancing process in senge's Fifth Discipline. All competency objectives
are recorded and assessed. Yes, it can be easily done without the
problems you mention John.


John Gunkler wrote:

> Bryan Siever asks:
> >Is it possible, and/or prudent, to blend employee development and employee
> >performance into a singular process?
> Bryan, this is a very difficult question and you may get differing advice.
> I'm not even sure what you mean to include in "employee performance" but
> I'll assume you include performance evaluation and improvement. If not,
> stop reading now! ;-)
> For many years, every rational bone in my body wanted to believe that not
> only was it possible to blend employee development and employee
> performance, it was the only sensible thing to do. After all, feedback
> has been shown to be one of the most critical factors influencing
> performance (often, THE most critical) and, so said my rational bones,
> isn't good performance evaluation just feedback?
> Unfortunately, there are practical flaws in this reasoning. ..snip..
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